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What is the Joint Language University?
    We are a language training portal serving the U.S. Government. Whether you want to acquire, maintain, enhance, or refresh your language skills, we have the materials you need. Explore our site and see what we have to offer. Not ready to commit? No problem! We have opened a selection of our catalog materials to the general public, no account here!
Why should I register for an account?
     For complete, unfettered access to our entire site, you must first register with your ".mil" or ".gov" email address. All of our materials are completely free and available to current federal and DOD employees. Sign up today for:
  • 10,000+ catalog items including targeted language training, assessment objects and Area & Culture training
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  • A detailed training history, tracking current and completed courses
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  • And much, much more...
How do I use this website?
     We at the Joint Language University believe that the hardest part of learning a new language should be the training, not finding the learning materials you need. We have gone to great lengths to try and make using our site as simple as possible for all of our users, regardless of their computer skills. For a step by step "walk-thru" of how to use everything the Joint Language University has to offer, take our virtual tour by clicking the link below.

Featured Resource
Transparent Language's CL-150
     Transparent Language's CL-150 is a broad suite of software tools and content for language learners, instructors and program managers. Learning is synchronized across web, laptop and mobile devices. Courseware and supplemental learning materials are offered in over 120 languages for both general proficiency and specialized performance domains of interest to government. Instructors are able to quickly and efficiently author new lexical content as well as sophisticated Courseware based on current authentic content. Instructors and mentors are able to manage classes, groups materials, assignments and student effort for initial acquisition or continuing sustainment. Comprehensive reporting is available at the student, class, instructor and program levels.

It is easy to sign up for a CL-150 account. Just click on the Resources icon on the left side of the homepage. Then click "Want to view all resources?" and select CL-150 from the top of the list.